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about scale

In recent years, we have observed that the general masses are suffering, as they have to live in poor and chaotic urban environments. This is due to lack of planning, architectural design, efficient structural design and lack of aesthetics and environmental consciousness. People are thereby losing relevance with nature and the pleasure of living in harmony with nature. We, “SCALE Design & Consultant”, realize the importance and relevance of pro-nature architectural and structural design and its planned execution. We believe in ‘high quality yet cost effective solutions in building homes, offices, shopping malls, and other commercial, institutional, recreational structures and spaces.

“SCALE Design & Consultant” has been established to provide all kind of technical design (Architectural, Engineering and Urban Design) services with integrity, for a wide range of structures, for both the private and public sector clients all over BANGLADESH.

As clients have varied requirements, we are always prepared to provide customized solutions to cater to their diverse needs. Through research we are capable of developing and presenting multiple options where it exits and help our clients to select the best possible option.

We assure to provide the highest standard of customer service through highly qualified, motivated and efficient professionals. We are eager to serve you to realize your dream.

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